Universal Studios

Universal Studios

First launch in February 2010 (Officially opened in March 2011), it is the only Universal Studio to be opened in South East Asia; and second in Asia after Universal Japan. It is located on 20 hectares of land on Resorts World Sentosa and was built in accordance to standards and requirements of Universal Studios Theme Parks Worldwide.


Working together with our overseas partners, Themed International (USA) and Design Landscapes (Australia); JL Building was involved in creating decorative floor surfaces to the requirements of various design consultants and architects.


From the initial development till current day, JL Building has been involved in the construction and enhancement of this unique Themed Park by constantly adding decorative floor surfaces within the park as it evolves. Our floor finishes can be seen at the park’s Main entrance with distinctive Blue and Beige colours. All throughout the park, we have contributed to various locations and attractions, providing attractive and unique floor finishes idiosyncratic to Universal Studios.


Locations / Zones:

Universal Main Entrance (Covacrete)


Hollywood Zone

Hollywood is the main entrance area of the park. Its only attraction, a broadway-style theatre, is accompanied by several restaurants and a variety of flagship shops. Being a replica of the Hollywood Boulevard, this zone is flanked by dynamic architecture and palm trees. It also features a replica of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.


JL Building installed and supplied various decorative floor finishes to this zone to recreate the environment of the famed Californian district including the distinctive Hollywood Celebrity Stars and Pebble-stoned pavements.


Walk of Fame / Hollywood Boulevard (Terrazzo Stars / Expose Pebble-Stone)

Fountain Plaza / Lookout (Coloured Concrete / Covacrete)

Mel’s Diner (Coloured Concrete / Covacrete)


New York Zone

New York is based on the original New York City, during the era of post-modernization. This zone features various icons commonly portrayed in movies including the city skyline, neon lights, facades, and sidewalks.

JL Building installed and supplied various decorative floor finishes to this zone to recreate the desired look of a typical New York town including the Famed New York Public Library and the grandiose steps leading up to it. 


NY Back Alley (Stampcrete)

NY Library (Stampcrete / Coloured Concrete)

NY Wharf (Stampcrete)

NY Pavements (Coloured Concrete)



 • Journey to Madagascar (Themed deck construction & Stampcrete)

 • Enchanted Airways Roller Coaster (Stampcrete)

 • Shrek 4D (Covacrete)

 • Jurassic Park Rapids Ride (Covacrete / Decorative Staining)

 • Donkey Live (Stampcrete)

 • Egypt Zone Halal Café (Stampcrete)

 • Treasure Hunters (Decorative Staining)

 • Light, Camera and Actions by Steven Spielberg (Covacrete)

 • Water World (Covacrete)

 • Transformer the Ride (Epoxy)