Floor Hardeners

Floor Hardeners

For over 30 years JL Building has been synonymous with all forms of specialised Floor Hardener applications. We have been providing supply and application of Floor Hardener floors for thousands of projects within Singapore and around the region.


JL Building has been representing the Korodur brand for over 30 years; Korodur is recognised as one of the World’s Leading brands for floor hardeners with over 70 years specialising in the manufacturing of quality materials.


In the last few years, we are also the representatives and approved applicators for many other renowned floor hardener brands such as:

• Fosroc

• Sto

• Cement Aid

• MC Bauchemie

• AB Lindec


We carry many forms of hardeners, designed for various requirements and usage demands.


The various types of our floor hardeners are as follows:

• Metallic (Non-Rusting) Floor Hardeners – Applied in Dry-Shake or Wet on Wet Topping form. This type of floor hardener is meant for extreme heavy duty requirements and is suitable for tank and metal track traffic. We have completed many military installations as well as extreme heavy industrial factories with this product.

• Non-Metallic Floor Hardener – Applied by Dry-Shake form. This is the most common form used for many commercial and industrial projects ranging from Carparks, factories, warehouses and schools.

• Liquid Hardener / Dustproofer – Applied by spray-on method. This provides an economical and effective form of floor protection. Very widely used in commercial and residential Carparks.

Floor-Hardener 0

Floor Hardener Powerfloating

Floor-Hardener 1

Korodur WH Metallic Floor Hardener - Extreme Heavy Duty

Floor-Hardener 2

Concrete Ramp - Rubber Ring Indent

Floor-Hardener 3

Warehouse with Hardener Floor

Floor-Hardener 4

Truss Screeding

Floor-Hardener 5

Ride On Trowel

Floor-Hardener 6

Ramp Saw-Cutting Groove Lines

Floor-Hardener 7

Lithurin Liquid Hardener / Dustproofer