Decorative Flooring

Decorative Flooring

One of JL Building speciality products is dealing with Decorative concrete finishes. Over the years we have created many kinds of decorative concrete floor finishes in major iconic project around Singapore.


Some of the decorative finishes we specialise in installing are:
• Concrete Imprint / Stampcrete
• Colour Concrete
• Polished Concrete
• Polymer Reinforced Colour Hardener (Covacrete)
• Concrete coatings & Stenciling
• Exposed Aggregate Screed Toppings
• Terrazzo-like / Grinded Colour Concrete
• Coloured Levelling Screed
• Concrete Staining & Dye


Stampcrete Projects

Decorative-Flooring 0

Cobblestone Pattern Concrete Imprint

Decorative-Flooring 1

Decorative Stained Concrete

Decorative-Flooring 2

Leave Pattern Concrete Imprint

Decorative-Flooring 3

Random Rock Concrete Imprint

Decorative-Flooring 4

Stamped & Stained Concrete

Decorative-Flooring 5

Timber Look Concrete Imprint

We have completed many Themed Parks and Tourist attractions in Singapore using such decorative products. Namely:

- Universal Studios Singapore

- Singapore Zoo / Night Safari & River Safari

- Gardens by the Bay

- Sentosa Water Show

- Singapore Sports Hub / National Stadium


Covacrete Projects (Decorative Designs + Stencils)

Decorative-Flooring 6

Austville Condo

Decorative-Flooring 7

Bedok Point Shopping Mall

Decorative-Flooring 8

Infinite Studios

Decorative-Flooring 9

School Carpark Stencil

Decorative-Flooring 10

Universal Studios - HW Fountain

Decorative-Flooring 11

Universal Studios - Sesame Street

The brands of decorative products which we represent are as follows:

• Parchem Australia (Stampcrete / Texture Coats / Stencils)

• Korodur Germany (Polished Colour Hardeners / Levelling Screed)

• Brickform USA (Stampcrete)

• Scofield USA (Stampcrete / Colour Concrete / Concrete Stains & Dyes)

• Rapid Set USA (Colour Levelling & Polished Screed)

Polished and Colour Concrete Projects

Decorative-Flooring 12

Coloured Concrete

Decorative-Flooring 13

Polished Concrete